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Looking for an English speaking (career) coach with extensive coaching experience in international settings as well as international Human Resources Management experience?

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I started my career coaching company in 2010 after a few years at a recruitment agency.  Besides my coaching practice I have continuously worked as a Human Resources Consultant at various international companies and organizations.

Within those roles, I have worked with people from all over the globe. Besides career coaching and leadership coaching, I have been involved in global Human Resources Management and have also guided co-workers in international relocations and localizations from and to The Netherlands.

These different roles have provided a lot of relevant experience in various area’s of career development and the labor market. I have gained particular knowledge and experience in the dynamics of relocations and establishing oneself (and family) in a new organization, country and culture.

The combined labor market knowlege, local knowledge, coaching expertise, and international corporate experience provide the right ingredients to be of service to you as a career coach, or personal coach.

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