For those who want to be a rockstar…

Hieronder een bericht dat wellicht wat afwijkt van de andere posts. Maar ik kwam dit tegen en voelde de behoefte om het toch te posten.

Het is dus niet mijn tekst, maar van Justin Beck:

“Would you put your entire life on hold to go hang out at the local bodega [a local store similar to that of a corner shop] to play Lotto day after day after day for just one hour a day? Now, for the other 23 hours, you did nothing but fantasize about the ultimate combo of numbers that you inevitably can’t nail down because winning is odds and luck, combined. Are you willing-slash-fucking stupid enough to take that gamble? Most people would say hell no, that’s the stupidest fucking thing. But when you combine vanity, a sense of entitlement and a spoonful of delusion, you get these suckers to sign on to put their entire lives on hold for the chance to be a rock star. It’s all good and romantic to say it’s your fucking art, but the truth of the matter is, you’re not a fucking artist. Picasso is an artist. You’re a fucking lazy pussy waiting for a hand-out.

The point is, if you maintain a humble balance in life of your loves and hobbies and being a responsible person, you’ll appreciate your talents that much more. And when the odds (Lotto numbers) land in your favour while being a hard-working humble person in society, go for yours and cash the ticket in. The problem is people abandon common sense and it’s so easy to circumvent reality and use I’m an artist as an alibi when it just boils down to laziness.

In this day and age, I totally feel that you can be in a successful band, write great music and still have a normal life. Basically, don’t fucking live like a rock star until you get to that point; which most likely ain’t gonna happen.”

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